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Can you use liquid biotin on your scalp to increase hair growth?

I am currently taken biotin supplements (pills) to help increase my hair growth. But I have started noticing that in a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products that claim to increase hair growth, biotin is a major ingredient. So I wanted to know if i could use liquid biotin supplements directly on my scalp to possibly increase hair growth. Thanks!

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How long should my hair be after using these biotin supplements?

My hair is currently just past my shoulders. By using the biotin supplements for about 2 months, how long should my hair be at the end of the two months?
okay, thanks for all the sarcastic answers. and i did read the bottle, it doesn’t tell. and i would be taking like, one pill in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner.

Womans hair loss

How many biotin pills do I need?I want stronger and longer hair and nails?

I just bought some Biotin supplements from the drugstore and it says each pill has 300mcg,and to take one a day. Is that enough?
And does biotin really work….

Any other tips for stronger and longer nails and hair?

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