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how to tell if someone is a transsexual woman?

I read one of these questions on here and it was full of crap.

There are several things that can physically give away a trans woman, but many of them aren’t true.

Adam’s apple. Sure it’s usually much larger on a man than a woman, but I’ve seen women with large ones who were born female, and people I guess like me who really don’t have much of one to begin with.

Large feet: Ok this is one that’s hard to defeat (HA!) but my feet are size 10, and Paris Hilton’s are a size 11. Yes they’re really big and Paris was born Paris too.

Large hands: Umm I’ve seen someone trans women with larger than I would expect on a womans’ hands, but I’ve also seen and know trans women who have tiny hands that are very thin.

Body hair: I wasn’t one of those people blessed with none or hair that isn’t visible, so like many I’m having it removed. Laser and Electrolysis are the two most common methods, even though Electro is still more popular.

Shoulder size: Most women have shoulders that aren’t very wide as this is a societal and physiological thing. Women in the past haven’t been as active as men and therefore their bodies weren’t subjected to the things that would cause parts like the chest to enlarge or shoulders.

Makeup: Granted sometimes this is true, trans women haven’t had all the growing up experience as teenaged girls. Where this is really learned is through things like sleepovers/slumber parties. Girls will set with each other, gossip and do each other’s makeup and hair to find the look that they like best. There are however other ways to learn. Places like youtube, your local makeup countre at a department store, books, etc. I personally have learned techniques from MUAs (makeup artists) that would put many genetic girls to shame. It’s like eduction, most people learn what they need in high school and don’t bother learning anything unless they have to.

Voice: There are quite a few trans women that I’ve seen whom I honestly wonder if they even care about how they sound to others. I’ve done voice coaching and when I get on the phone have had the person on the other end not believe I was the person they were expecting to be speaking with. I have a few things to work on but as of right now, if you were to talk to me on the phone or even video, you probably wouldn’t even know I was ever male.

Clothes: This is a somewhat big one for a few reasons. Many trans women for some reason dress as if they were living a few decades ago. Some of this is because they simply either can’t afford stylish clothes (loss of job, etc.) Or the part where they just have no fashion sense. I’ve also met some genetic girls (including an ex of mine) who have absolutely no fashion sense. I had to shop for my ex’s clothes or she’d come out looking very unsexy.

The 5 o’clock shadow; This goes in with body hair in ways. I used to have a bad shadow that was almost impossible to cover. I would put loads of foundation on to get rid of the greenness that was dark facial hair to the point where when it was covered I had a new problem of the foundation being applied so heavily that it looked orange peely, eww!! Having laser done is so far one of the best things I could’ve done aesthetically. I shave the blonde hairs now (dark ones as of right now are almost completely gone) and after I shave close, you can’t tell I ever had facial hair.

Walking in heels: Ok how many girls/wome have you on average seen who never wear heels walk in them like it’s second nature to them; NONE! An exeption to this is myself. I was in a sport where the width of the average high heel is probably 7 times wider than what I was on (think of ice and going fast) so after watching a simple instructional clip from transgendered show (where (name’s escaping me) the trans wome
Some more good points.

Ring finger (MYTH!!!): I just looked and my ring finger is an inch shorter than my middle finger, plus or minus a few mm.

Brow ridge: (somewhat a myth); I was at a cultural event in the summer and saw a very attractive young woman with an obvious but not huge brow ridge. Trans or not, she was HOT!

Hair line: I was in a dance class and a woman in that class not much younger than I was at the time had definite and obvious widows peak going on, it’s a more common sexual trait in men, but more common doesn’t mean absolute or only.

Hair: for whatever was said about this being thicker. T makes body hair thicker naturally, (but well I’m having that removed, GRRR to you genes!) But I have almost identical hair as a female relative of mine who is very attractive and it’s very thick.

I’m loving most of the answers thus far!

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How long should my hair be after using these biotin supplements?

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okay, thanks for all the sarcastic answers. and i did read the bottle, it doesn’t tell. and i would be taking like, one pill in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner.

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