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My mom has lost a lot of her hair, is there anyway I can boost her self esteem again?

My mom has been diagnosed with alopecia. She has so much hair loss at the top of her hair that its very hard concealing it while wearing a simple hairstyle as a pony tail. She passed on a wedding invitation because she doesn’t feel attractive. It really sucks, I want my mom to feel good about her self again but shes always saying she doesn’t look good and she doesn’t like looking in the mirror. I talked to her about wigs but she just isn’t up to it. She went to a hair transplant clinic and after being tested they only found one live hair follicle. Plus the surgery is too expensive for her right now…

any ideas on things I can do to make her feel womanly and attractive again? Please help! My mom is one of those women who think a womans hair is her crown.

Womans hair loss