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does biotin make cause sleepyness and how long untill it starts to work?

I have been taking biotin pills and using shampoo &conditioner for hair growth. I was wondering if it causes sleepyness because since ive started talking it i have been drowsy. Also how long untill you see results?

Womans hair loss

Can you use liquid biotin on your scalp to increase hair growth?

I am currently taken biotin supplements (pills) to help increase my hair growth. But I have started noticing that in a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products that claim to increase hair growth, biotin is a major ingredient. So I wanted to know if i could use liquid biotin supplements directly on my scalp to possibly increase hair growth. Thanks!

Womans hair loss


How long will biotin pills take effect?
my hair grows pretty fast typically.
but i NEED it too grow faster bc i had a mishap at a salon
and school starts in about two weeks

Womans hair loss