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What mg Biotin vitamin pills should I get to grow my hair?

I am considering taking the Biotin vitamin pills just to consume for healthy proteins and such. I’ve heard having more protein helps your hair and nails grow. But anyways, I want my hair to grow super fast but what mg will help me persue that without hurting me or making me get sick or whatever? THANKS.

Womans hair loss

How many biotin pills do I need?I want stronger and longer hair and nails?

I just bought some Biotin supplements from the drugstore and it says each pill has 300mcg,and to take one a day. Is that enough?
And does biotin really work….

Any other tips for stronger and longer nails and hair?

Womans hair loss


I’m 15 and want to grow my hair out for a banquet I’m going to in the spring. I read that biotin helps with nails and hair. I was just wondering if anyone reading this had tried it for the purpose I’m considering taking it for and did you get any major results? It is just a vitamin, right? So would it be safe to take at my age?

Thanks for reading

Womans hair loss