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What is most effective treatment for female hair loss?

I have had some hair loss. Ive had anesthetics, weight loss , stress and hormornal changes which have caused it…I am looking for effective methods to help treat the hair loss although it is an even loss, not in patches! anyone with experience…please help!!!

Womans hair loss

What can cause a young woman in her 20s to experience hair loss when she is not stressing?

Hair loss does not run in the family especially not from ages 21 to 28. Hair has been thinning out since the age of 21 and stress is not an issue.

Womans hair loss

Hair loss in woman?

What causes hair loss in woman happen nowadays?

Womans hair loss

Is there anything besides minoxidil for female hair loss?

There has to be something better than minoxidil for female hair thinning and loss. This problem seems to get brushed off by alot of doctors when the question of hair loss comes from a female.

Womans hair loss

What doctor do you see for female hair loss?

For temporal hair loss who do you see?

Womans hair loss

What vitamins should I be taking for hair loss (woman)?

I am a 26/f. I have been having hair loss for the past 6+months. Doesn’t seem normal. When I take a shower, I run my fingers through my hair and 4-5strands come out at a time. I am wondering if it is because I wear my hair up in a ponytail 24/7?! It doesn’t run in the family. I want to start taking a good vitamin to see if that is the cause. Any recommendations? Can wearing a normal ponytail cause the loss?

Womans hair loss

My mom has lost a lot of her hair, is there anyway I can boost her self esteem again?

My mom has been diagnosed with alopecia. She has so much hair loss at the top of her hair that its very hard concealing it while wearing a simple hairstyle as a pony tail. She passed on a wedding invitation because she doesn’t feel attractive. It really sucks, I want my mom to feel good about her self again but shes always saying she doesn’t look good and she doesn’t like looking in the mirror. I talked to her about wigs but she just isn’t up to it. She went to a hair transplant clinic and after being tested they only found one live hair follicle. Plus the surgery is too expensive for her right now…

any ideas on things I can do to make her feel womanly and attractive again? Please help! My mom is one of those women who think a womans hair is her crown.

Womans hair loss

22 year old female with hair loss?

I am 22 female, and imy hair is thinning to the point where you can see right through the roots, right to the scalp.
I have noticed it when i was 17, but it was nothing really that noticable. I thought it was because i dyed my hair alot and i’ve always had fine hair to begin with.

When i was 19 I got pregnant, and within 6-8 months after my child was born, It got out of control. I had to change my hair color of bright red and go to a salon to have it professionally done blonde, wich the color looks awful on my skin tone..But it’s the only color that will hide the thinning hair. My hair dresser said that my actual hair is very healthy and my scalp shows no signs of damage (But he isn’t a doctor )…But it’s starting to show even with the blonde hair.

The thinning is in my crown area, and it’s spreading to the back of my head slowly. My hairline is fully in tact,
My hair isn’t falling out at all, it’s just slowly thinning. I dont have any kinda excesive shedding at all. It’s just slowly thinning out, and I dont know why?

Sometimes i’ve noticed a horrible itching sensation where the thinning is.

I’m terrified, i’m only 22 years old, and having to wear a wig. I dont have money to see a doctor, or i would.

I know it could be Female Pattern baldness (It does run in my family) But the itchyness plus i’m so young! Also It all happend after I had my child, Makes me think it’s something more then that. And can this be cured? Can I get my hair back?
I’m desperate!!!! D:

I am scared to try Womans Rogain becasue i’ve heard horror stories that it can make your hair loss worse.

My mom is waiting on settlement money for something and when she gets it she said she would take me to a doctor or help me get a hair transplant. Would that really work?

Thank you for your opinions and help. It’s really devestating.
Im just so miserably depressed over this. I used to love to color and style my hair, it was my pride and joy. It was the only thing i really liked about myspace. I’m so sad, All i can do is where it back in a headband and keep it such a light shade of blonde so it’s not as noticable, but slowly…That wont even work. I dont know what to do, or where to turn. It makes me sick to my stomach. Going out with friends or doing anything like going out to dinner feels more like a burden then anything, because I dont want anybody to see me. I know i sound vain and selfish…but It just sickens me to my core. I just have to hope and pray that I can eventually get the money together to see a doctor and this can be fixed somehow. Loosing your hair is honestly one of the most emotionally devestating thing, one can experience.

Thank you for letting me rant, I just need to get it out of my system.
*My self* (sorry typo)
Thank you all so much for your help. I was reading up on PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrom)

I have every single symptom, and if i do have this, I can get on meds and it will correct my hairloss and many other problems along with it.

I appreciate each and every one of your answers and opinions. Thank you 🙂

Womans hair loss

help with hair loss!?

I’m experiencing hair loss, I have a feeling its due to how I have to wash my hair everyday because it becomes oily by the morning. Are there any hair regrowth / hair thickening shampoos? I used Womans Rogaine but it didn’t help much. :S

Womans hair loss