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How much Biotin should I take for my hair to grow?

Hi, everyone I am takin women’s day multivitamins and it contains 10mg of biotin, and I was wondering how much biotin should you intake without going over board, so that your hair can grow?

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2 Responses to “How much Biotin should I take for my hair to grow?”

  • invictus:

    that’s a good amount of biotin for sure.. is the biotin time released? because biotin cant be stored in the body.. it gets sweated out and leaves your body when you urinate.

    also make sure that you are taking a b-complex vitamin whenever taking biotin as they need each other to work effectively.

    i take 3 mg of biotin a day (spread out), flax seed oil and 1 regular b-complex tab and im fully satisfied!

  • fierce:

    thats about enough of biotin , mutlivitamns are really good not only for ur hair but for ur nails,skin ect ect

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