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Resistant gray… I can't get the color to stay more than a week!?

I’ve been trying everything to color this womans new growth (all gray), and the color just doesn’t want to stick… I’ve used only N’s (nuetral), also tried hair color specifically for grays, I’ve tried different volume developers, I’ve used drops for resistant gray in the color, I’ve kept it on for over an hour, and nothing seems to be helping. I really want to help this woman. But, I am at a loss?? This is the most resistant hair I’ve ever dealt with… Professionals out there, HELP!!! give me your opinion on what you think I should be trying, Thank You!

Womans hair loss

2 Responses to “Resistant gray… I can't get the color to stay more than a week!?”

  • polgara922:

    you can try a pre-treatment before the actual color application itself. mix 2oz. of 20vol peroxide with 1/2oz. of shampoo and apply to dry hair (new growth) let sit for 15mins.; rinse really well; put customer under a cool dryer til hair is almost dry; apply usual color application. it may take a few times it achieve the desired effect. or you can do a heavy color frosting instead of total tinting.

  • kare34235:

    try putting a plastic cap over her hair and put her under a low dryer for 10 mins.

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