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What doctor do you see for female hair loss?

For temporal hair loss who do you see?

Womans hair loss

2 Responses to “What doctor do you see for female hair loss?”

  • coley200722:

    Have your Thyroid tested to make sure your hormones are balanced you don’t have to be in your forties for them to be off my friend had a problem with hers and she is 19. Also make sure u r taking vitamins we really don’t get enough fromm our food anymore.

  • Jason L:

    Hi cheerque, for hair loss you can see either a dermatologist or a trichologist. There are many possible causes of hair loss and many treatment plans available. But your problem may be due to thyroid problems, poor diet, poor hair care or genetic. You can read about all these, including hair loss prevention tips, here =>

    Have a nice day.

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