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Do men find it more attractive for a fairly pretty woman with hair loss to wear a wig or?

Is a high quality wig or shaving the head entirely and going "bald, bold and beautiful" more desirable? I am a fair skined formerly blonde, green eyed, athlete with full lips, little wrinkling, good jaw line- Sad to see my hair blowing off in the wind though- advice from the men? Please?

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4 Responses to “Do men find it more attractive for a fairly pretty woman with hair loss to wear a wig or?”

  • Princess:

    I’d say go with a wig, but make sure it doesn’t look fake. Try to find one that kind of looks like the hair you had before. To tell you the truth, bald kind of scares me.

  • ScrewBaby:

    wigs are a pain in the butt. i say just get a very short haircut. It’ll minimize the appearance of balding.

  • Jason L:

    Hi Shady, if a short hair cut is not possible due to bald patches etc, then I would prefer my lady wears a wig.

    A bald lady? No, not for me!

  • purizen30:

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    My hair only started visibly growing after doubtfully trying out the various natural techniques to re-grow lost hair @

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