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What vitamins should I be taking for hair loss (woman)?

I am a 26/f. I have been having hair loss for the past 6+months. Doesn’t seem normal. When I take a shower, I run my fingers through my hair and 4-5strands come out at a time. I am wondering if it is because I wear my hair up in a ponytail 24/7?! It doesn’t run in the family. I want to start taking a good vitamin to see if that is the cause. Any recommendations? Can wearing a normal ponytail cause the loss?

Womans hair loss

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  • sokokl:

    Yes, the ponytail if it is wrapped too tight could cause the hairs to come loose.

    Some good vitamins to help with hair loss is B Complex. I take prenatal vitamins even though I have never been pregnant. I checked with my doctor and she said it was ok. I found that to be very helpful for my hair.

    I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

  • S R:

    The best treatment is to take a course of vitamins known to be effective in promoting hair growth. A medicine rich in sulfur is also recommended as sulfur plays an important part in the structure of the hair. Check out for more info.

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