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My mom has lost a lot of her hair, is there anyway I can boost her self esteem again?

My mom has been diagnosed with alopecia. She has so much hair loss at the top of her hair that its very hard concealing it while wearing a simple hairstyle as a pony tail. She passed on a wedding invitation because she doesn’t feel attractive. It really sucks, I want my mom to feel good about her self again but shes always saying she doesn’t look good and she doesn’t like looking in the mirror. I talked to her about wigs but she just isn’t up to it. She went to a hair transplant clinic and after being tested they only found one live hair follicle. Plus the surgery is too expensive for her right now…

any ideas on things I can do to make her feel womanly and attractive again? Please help! My mom is one of those women who think a womans hair is her crown.

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  • D.D:

    Yes, two things , and you can show this or give the resources to your mom for her to check out.
    One, in asian medicine alopecia is thought to be determined by the weakness of the kidney/adrenals….
    and corresponding to that in western medicine, it is often hormones out of balance that can cause hair loss………..
    so , she should find a hormone expert, not a regular doc or obgyn , and have her hormones tested, esp thyroid, sex,adrenal, and coritsol, Dheas
    then get them balanced and finely tuned here are some docs like she needs , ,, she lists docs in the back of her books
    then go to and read the articles on alopecia and their treatment of it
    that should help her a lot.
    Doctors dont test hormones, she needs that.

  • Lilith:

    I have a similar problem except I have enough in the front hairline to pull back over a wig so that it looks like my natural hair.
    I do not have the resources or I would go for the Hair Club hairpiece. They make a mold of the actual thin spot and make a hair piece that is natural. The roots show when it is combed and everything.
    But of course she would need it redone from time to time and I think she would have to go there every time she needs a haircut. I think they use a hypo-allergenic glue to adhere it. I have been told it feels real too.
    I live near at least 3 of them. I am just waiting to win the lottery. I don’t know what it costs really. Why don’t you get a consultation? I think the first visit is free.

  • Nick:

    Go to more than one place for opinions on the hair surgery. She can also get a CareCredit credit card to use with the hair transplant and have interest free financing.

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