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22 year old female with hair loss?

I am 22 female, and imy hair is thinning to the point where you can see right through the roots, right to the scalp.
I have noticed it when i was 17, but it was nothing really that noticable. I thought it was because i dyed my hair alot and i’ve always had fine hair to begin with.

When i was 19 I got pregnant, and within 6-8 months after my child was born, It got out of control. I had to change my hair color of bright red and go to a salon to have it professionally done blonde, wich the color looks awful on my skin tone..But it’s the only color that will hide the thinning hair. My hair dresser said that my actual hair is very healthy and my scalp shows no signs of damage (But he isn’t a doctor )…But it’s starting to show even with the blonde hair.

The thinning is in my crown area, and it’s spreading to the back of my head slowly. My hairline is fully in tact,
My hair isn’t falling out at all, it’s just slowly thinning. I dont have any kinda excesive shedding at all. It’s just slowly thinning out, and I dont know why?

Sometimes i’ve noticed a horrible itching sensation where the thinning is.

I’m terrified, i’m only 22 years old, and having to wear a wig. I dont have money to see a doctor, or i would.

I know it could be Female Pattern baldness (It does run in my family) But the itchyness plus i’m so young! Also It all happend after I had my child, Makes me think it’s something more then that. And can this be cured? Can I get my hair back?
I’m desperate!!!! D:

I am scared to try Womans Rogain becasue i’ve heard horror stories that it can make your hair loss worse.

My mom is waiting on settlement money for something and when she gets it she said she would take me to a doctor or help me get a hair transplant. Would that really work?

Thank you for your opinions and help. It’s really devestating.
Im just so miserably depressed over this. I used to love to color and style my hair, it was my pride and joy. It was the only thing i really liked about myspace. I’m so sad, All i can do is where it back in a headband and keep it such a light shade of blonde so it’s not as noticable, but slowly…That wont even work. I dont know what to do, or where to turn. It makes me sick to my stomach. Going out with friends or doing anything like going out to dinner feels more like a burden then anything, because I dont want anybody to see me. I know i sound vain and selfish…but It just sickens me to my core. I just have to hope and pray that I can eventually get the money together to see a doctor and this can be fixed somehow. Loosing your hair is honestly one of the most emotionally devestating thing, one can experience.

Thank you for letting me rant, I just need to get it out of my system.
*My self* (sorry typo)
Thank you all so much for your help. I was reading up on PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrom)

I have every single symptom, and if i do have this, I can get on meds and it will correct my hairloss and many other problems along with it.

I appreciate each and every one of your answers and opinions. Thank you 🙂

Womans hair loss

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  • Lebeautemps:

    If you’re loosing more than 100 hairs a day then it is considered serious hair loss, with many hair follicles resting at once, its best that if this is a long-term problem that you see a doctor. Fact is there are foods you can eat and treatments you can use, both natural and store bought (which are expensive), but a doctor will be able to find the cause and recommend the right treatment for you. This is better than wasting time, effort and money on treatments that may not work and will just leave you feeling more distressed about your hair loss, remember too that hairloss can be caused by more serious problems, for example in a lot of women it is due to hormonal problems. I’d also point out that hair is one of the last things to recover from bouts of stress or poor diet, it may also take months to really see if any treatments are working, it’s something you need to accept as otherwise you’ll just get stressed so make things worse, or you’ll give up and probably stop using a treatment that was actually working for you.

    Look at possible causes yourself so you can work on dealing with them yourself, as well as with the help of your doctor. Normally you’d look at stress as a possible cause, if you do suffer from stress address that and try to avoid stressful situations or plan ahead to be able to deal with them better. As a note B-vitamins are helpful for dealing with stress. Diet is a big factor, if you have a poor diet including using fad diets, have recently become vegetarian or suffer from an eating disorder these will all seriously effect your hair, specifically a sudden drop in iron or too much vitamin A. For healthy hair keep a healthy diet with a lot of protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, dairy, pulses and nuts – multivitamins can be helpful, so too can flaxseed oil in capsule form taken daily. Also keep up the intake of essential fatty acids, particularly look at flaxseed oil.

    Try monistat, yes it’s a yeast infection cream, but it contains some of the same chemicals as rogaine so stimulates hair growth when massaged into your scalp, only without costing the earth. I’m a strong advocate for head massage, it improves health of your hair and scalp through improved circulation, and this will also help with hair loss. A simple mix to use for hair growth is 2 drops basil essential oil, 2 drops rosemary essential oil and 10ml of avocado oil, pop it in a little dark glass bottle then when ready to use it heat the bottle up in a bowl of warm water. Before washing your hair massage this mix into your scalp in small, gentle circular motions and leave for 30 minutes – it’s easy to do and will help, it’s worth trying for the hair loss and will improve your hairs health in general. Another good oil is an ayurvedic oil called Bhringaraj ("the king of hair"), you can use this oil directly on your hair, but you may be better off if you can find this in tablet form to take daily. I’ve also heard good things about The Hair Formula from Blue Sage Naturals

    You may want to reconsider shampoo, it’s very harsh and strips natural oils which causes damage to your hair and scalp, it’s a bit much for people to take on at first but honestly give a go at going shampoo-free. I also know that a lot of people have problems with Herbal Essences shampoo, it’s possible that your current shampoo could be causing problems. If you stop using shampoo your hair will be much healthier, won’t need washing as often and it’ll encourage growth, there are different ways to wash, no-poo method may be good for stimulating hair growth and improving health condition, however I’d recommend conditioner-only method as this gives you better results faster and is easier for long-term shampoo users to get use to. It may also be an idea to use something like a mint tea rinse to stimulate hair growth, just use it after washing your hair, or if you want a more mainstream idea try St. Ives intensive conditioner. A few general grooming rules; don’t wash your hair too often, at most wash once every other day, use a wooden wide toothed comb on wet hair to avoid pulling moisture from your hair – protect the hair you have!

  • junkk:

    wow…im not sure…huh

  • ktfranks:

    There are generally two reasons why the hair might thin in the crown area specifically. Number one. Protein deficiency can cause hair to fall out at a rapid rate. Hair is not essential to the body so when it’s protein stores are low your hair and nails are the first to suffer. Pregnancy and breast feeding are a high demand for protein so if intake or assimilation (which is what your body does to the food once the stomach is done with it) of protein is low your hair will fall out.
    Number two. Female pattern baldness is a major sign of thyroid dysfunction (especially hypo-function). I would suggest trying a good naturopath before going to the extremes of transplants. Hope this helps.

  • madame x:

    have a doctor check you out. it just might be in your genes. check your family history if you can, as in just how it run in your family.

  • weffa:

    you poor thing, having long hair is one of the things that make us feel feminine. you could be under alot of stress at the moment which is speeding up this process, or it could be a sign of a deficiency in your diet.

    i’m not sure what it could be, but can i offer some advice? i had a friend go through chemo and before she went completely bald she shaved her head for charity. I’m not sure if you would e keen on the idea, but i can’t possibly imagine waking up in the morning and noticing more and more hair is missing. best of luck to you i hope you find some way to deal with this.

  • Karthi:

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