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I’m 15 and want to grow my hair out for a banquet I’m going to in the spring. I read that biotin helps with nails and hair. I was just wondering if anyone reading this had tried it for the purpose I’m considering taking it for and did you get any major results? It is just a vitamin, right? So would it be safe to take at my age?

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  • Reesie:

    Biotin does help, a minimum of 2500 micrograms daily or up to 5000 micrograms daily is going to help support healthy hair growth, but there are several other minerals and elements that support hair growth and there are several supplements that combine them all into one pill so that you don’t have to take a dozen separate pills to get them.
    Biotin is water soluble in the body meaning that if you take more than your body needs, it is eliminated in the urine. You cannot overdose on just Biotin, however prenatal vitamins CAN be bad for a young person due to their high iron content and the fact that they are formulated for pregnant women and NOT for hair and nail support.

  • michelle b:

    you could try over the counter pregnacy vitamins, that helps too

  • Violet Pearl:

    Biotin is good for hair/nails. I’ve been taking it for years and have always had both long hair and long natural nails.

  • sara:

    I take biotin tablets and im 15 as well they are just vitamins and it wont harm u in any way take a minimum of 2500 mcg which is equivalent to 2.5mg i take 3000 mcg daily and ive noticed rapid nail growth and my hair is growing faster then before. though i combine GNC Nourishhair with biotin tablets and get more of a result because the GNC tablets already contain 1000 mcg of biotin each but u need 2 take 2 daily so its equal to 2000 mcg and i combine that with 3 biotin tablets each equivalent to 300 mcg but yea i guess u should try it it wont harm u it will do u good because vitamins which work with your internal body are the only thing which will make your hair longer nothing else will.

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