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is it safe to start off taking 5000mcg of biotin to promote hair growth?

i plan on taking a multivitamin with the biotin but i dont know how much to take with it.Help?

Womans hair loss

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  • Anthony:

    Biotin is only needed in small amounts. Since the vitamin is present in a wide variety of foods, dietary deficiencies of biotin are rare. The intestines also make biotin naturally, though it is not known how much biotin from this source can be absorbed and utilized by the body.

    Biotin is a nutritional supplement that has been around for years and is taken orally. The concept of biotin was discovered in the fur industry. Minks and chinchilla’s were raised for their pelts in making mink coats. Apparently when these animals were fed raw eggs, a protein called avidin inhibited biotin in the vitamin pathway and the animals started to shed creating sparse pelts. When raw eggs were omitted from their diet, the animals recovered. In other words, this ingredient may be beneficial for those people who have an extreme bioton deficiency from eating a heavy supply of raw eggs – but there have not been any clinical studies on human beings for biotin as a hair loss treatment.

    You should instead go for other alternatives.

    There are several treatment options that may help to stimulate and encourage hair growth. If hair loss occurs as a result of an underlying condition or disease, then the condition needs to be treated first. The various types of hair loss are treated with specific medication which includes antibiotics, corticosteroids, or steroid injections. For more serious episodes of hair loss, surgical procedures such as hair transplants, scalp reduction or skin grafts may be performed to replace hair loss.

    Natural and holistic therapy offers a gentler alternative for people experiencing hair loss than the harsh effects of conventional medication. Treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies stimulate and encourage hair growth as well as support blood circulation, hormonal balance and thyroid functioning.

    Herbal remedies along with good nutritional diet (supplements in case of severe deficiency or if directed by your doctor) help hair grow stronger and more plentifully by nourishing it at the roots. They achieve this by stimulating blood flow and supplying nutrients to the hair follicles and hence promoting healthy hair growth and slowing down excessive hair loss. Although the process begins within a few days, as the hair grow slowly, the results are visible only after a few months.

    Herbs commonly used include Ginkgo biloba, Rosmarinus officinale and Xanthoxylum clavaherculis help to promote strong, abundant hair. Other powerful herbs such as Equisetum arvense, Avena sativa and Echinacea are effective combating hair loss and nourishing hair follicles.

    You may find detailed info on these over here

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