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How long should my hair be after using these biotin supplements?

My hair is currently just past my shoulders. By using the biotin supplements for about 2 months, how long should my hair be at the end of the two months?
okay, thanks for all the sarcastic answers. and i did read the bottle, it doesn’t tell. and i would be taking like, one pill in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner.

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  • .L♥ve.Peace.Happiness™ :):

    try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

  • Apple Jacks:

    how much of it are you consuming?

  • Yooo:

    long enough to be bale to wipe your ass

  • Boogeyman!:

    Read the damn bottle! Who the hell knows.

  • Vani:

    Don’t expect huge results. You will not have rapunzel hair after 2 months.

  • rachellh08:

    Eh, Biotin is a supplement that your body can only really intake so much of.
    I would not take more than 2 pills a day. Though the bottle might suggest more, your body will only asorb so much.

    Furthermore, it can increase your hair growth by 10 percent.
    On average hair grows 1/2 an inch a month.
    More during than the winter, less during the summer.

    Seeing that it is winter, I would think 1 and a half inches.

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