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What mg Biotin vitamin pills should I get to grow my hair?

I am considering taking the Biotin vitamin pills just to consume for healthy proteins and such. I’ve heard having more protein helps your hair and nails grow. But anyways, I want my hair to grow super fast but what mg will help me persue that without hurting me or making me get sick or whatever? THANKS.

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  • Laura:

    Start out with 1000mcg doses. Take that for about 2 weeks, then up the dosage to 2000mcg. Continue on in this way until you get to 5000mcg. That’s the ideal. If you start out at 5000mcg you may experience acne breakouts and nausea. Working your way up slowly prevents both of these

    IN RESPONSE TO THE OTHER ANSWER: Obviously 1000mg would be too much. That’s why I used the unit m-c-g (microgram, not milligram) because that is the unit that all major biotin suppliers use. Obviously the other response does not understand the way vitamins are massed. And in fact, Biotin does help with hair growth by stimulating the follicles.

  • Lanie Beth:

    Nothing makes your hair grow. Your hair will always grow at the same rate no matter what. Biotin can make it healthier but it won’t make it grow faster. Also it’s just like taking vitamins, your body will only let in so much (100% of what it can handle) of whatever vitamin whether it’s vitamin C, iron, or biotin. So no matter how much mg you take of biotin your body will only allow so much of it and the rest you’ll pee out since that’s how your body gets rid of things it doesn’t need in the blood stream. I believe your body can only handle 100 or 200 miligrams. I could be off but I know 1000 mgs will be way too much.

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