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Female Hair Loss Treatments

Female hair loss treatments are different from men’s for different reasons. Hair loss in women can be from hormonal changes such as menopause, stopping the use of birth control pills or after a pregnancy. Often times in women hormonal hair loss is triggered from something that happened 3 months prior and may take another 3 months to grow back.

Other factors that can contribute to female hair loss needing female hair loss treatments is quick weight loss or too much dieting. Hair is no different from any other body part as it too needs proper nutrients to grow. Drugs and other chemicals can be found within our hair. What goes into our bodies can affect how healthy and shiny our hair is and can contribute to our hair loss.

A medical condition could be the culprit to female hair loss, diabetes, unbalanced thyroid gland, PCOS and anemia. Make sure to visit your doctor to rule out any possible medical conditions as some of these is also life threatening. No amount of product applied for female hair loss treatments to your head or hair will help if a medical condition is the problem.

The next most common problem with female hair loss is hereditary. Many women have this condition called alopecia and don’t even know it until their hair starts to thin out, but can be helped with female hair loss treatments. It is said that approx. 25 million American females are currently affected with hereditary or alopecia hair loss. It usually starts to show around the time of menopause and often is similar to male pattern baldness.

Female pattern baldness or alopecia does not cause hair loss like men in a well-defined pattern. It begins with the thinning of the hair and can continue to get worse if untreated, but almost never results in total baldness. Many older women often ware wigs to hide this condition.

There are proven female hair loss treatments available!

Minoxidil is usually given to women as a topical treatment for hair growth. Minoxidil is applied to the scalp twice daily, and is the only FDA approved, clinically tested product for women to re-grow hair.

Provillus is a female hair loss treatments that contains minoxidil, it’s guaranteed, is easy to use and helps re-grow your own hair, even if your hair loss is hereditary. Provillus has a special formula just for women.

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